thoughts//mini update

from a high school photography class.

--realizing more and more that i could come home and be the only single one out of my friends. not the end of the world but while they're enjoying fun married shenanigans, i'll be either making my awkward way through the dating pool...or not at all.

--shopping for clothes has been so stressful. trying to find 6 to 8 outfits i can mix and match and not get tired of (ok, impossible) for 18 months has seriously worked the fashion brain cells. i've spent so many hours on pinterest trying to get ideas that i'm beginning to recognize the brands of skirts just by looking at them. and shoes? don't even get me started.

--today my dad explained to me that if i marry someone who is bad at sex, i'll have a very boring life. turns out he just mixed up his english and was trying to say something completely different.

--i felt so loved when jess told me that she was going to see me before i left and i didn't really have a choice in the matter. i really love that girl. and chipotles.

--target is bomb. i don't know why i'm still surprised every time i go there, i always spend more than anticipated. just need to accept that.

--i know what the weather is like in provo every day because people post videos and update their status' all. day. long.

--i'm going to be the craziest mama when i have babies. i kiss little rony (my mom is his nanny) about ten thousand times a day and take pictures of him and he's not even mine!

--the bummer about going to school is you usually don't get to take naps every day. so now that i'm not in school...naps whenever i want!

--maybe i'm vain but one of the hardest things about not being in provo is thinking that people have forgotten about me.

--my mom confessed something big the other day. i don't think she realized how much more i'd relate to her after knowing it!

--45 more days until i'm gone!

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  1. I'm SOOOO glad I overheard your Dad trying to explain that to you! He actually blushed when I translated what he actually said (poor guy, he tries so hard). And...I'm relieved I didn't fall off of my Mommy Pedestal after my confession. Thanks.