time to move, time for change

my apartment is quiet, there are boxes everywhere, and i'm snuggled in bed. today will consist of packing up my life from the past 3 years and i'm not quite ready to face it yet. two of my roommates have already gone home for christmas and the other is at work. so much has happened the past two months and now that it's all really happening, it's a little surreal. major life changes, the decision to serve a mission, and the decision to go home beforehand. the past two weeks have been emotional, stressful, and exhausting but it was a learning experience and am content with how things have turned out. i'm slowly learning that sometimes you just need to rely on Heavenly Father and things will always work out, even if you have no idea how or why.

so here i am, done with finals and wrapping up my life here in provo for the time being. saying goodbye to the people i'm close with has been hard but i know i'm making the right decision and that we'll see eachother again eventually. i'm getting on the plane on saturday and i'm so excited to see my family. i haven't seen my family since july and it's high time i spend some quality time with those guys. not to mention, my family in japan who i will be seeing in exactly a week!! so many exciting things to come in the upcoming weeks. but right now, my closet is staring me down so...

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