back at home

well everything went smoothly. except for my two items of luggage, my life has been boxed up and put into storage. i left my apartment squeaky clean (well...the portion i cleaned) and said my good-byes. it was definitely bittersweet. i've met some incredible people the last couple of years and it's odd to think that i won't see them for almost two years. not to mention that they will probably be graduated/married when i get back. but that's how life works.
now i'm back at home, sleeping on a couch in the guest room. back to hanging out with my more-hilarious-than-i-remember parents, back to rain, back to baby duty, and back to cat loving. i've already eaten more the past two days than i have in the past week and it feels great. i leave for japan in 4 days and i am readayyy to go. but in the meantime, i'm going to enjoy me some of this.

**the baby my mom takes care of and the cat we're cat sitting.

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