A lucky Friday the 13th

Life is great. Has anyone told you that lately? Life is great.

I have two new roommates, Kylee and Sarah and they are wonderful. In all honesty, I was slightly nervous, especially for my "room roommate." But I didn't have any reason to be because I don't think we could have gotten better roommates. Sarah just returned from serving a mission in California and is a dancer. Kylee is crafty and just returned from a study abroad in Romania. Both of them are hilarious and we've had a lot of fun laughing together. But more important than just enjoying each other, the feeling in our apartment is amazing. There is a feeling of peace. And I'm fairly confident in saying that it's because of a few goals we've set for our apartment.

A part of me laughs at how silly I acted last semester. I realize that I didn't know how the new semester was going to turn out but I was a little dramatic. This semester is going to be superb. That's right. Superb. Is it going to be extremely hard? Yes. Will it be worth it? Yes. I figured out what I'm interested in and learning about it is actually...fun. {too much?}

This past week I had so many things to do. An entire book had to be read, trying to figure out job applications, two quizzes, scholarship applications, you get it. But this entire week, I felt so calm. I felt the same kind of peace found in our apartment. I also felt the support of my roommates, my parents {especially my mom}, a few professors, and most importantly, Heavenly Father. I didn't get stressed out until this morning but even then, while I was having a panic attack, I was able to calm myself down and realize that everything was going to work out. And with some divine intervention, things did work out.

I don't really feel the need to write down all of my new years resolutions but I am going to write down one.

In 2012, I will remember that life always works out. It might not turn out the way I expect it to but I will not be scared of the future. I will not fear the parts of life I can't change. 

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  1. So glad your new roommates are working out. Good roomies make all the difference in the world!