What? You have a blog?

I'm alive! Sorry for the lack of blogging. {Although, I realize that my mom is most likely the one who enjoys my writing the most}

First things first. Christmas break. Here's a super condensed version that may repeat what I've written before.

Annual Sushi Party
 It was pretty low key this year and that was really nice. We invited close friends and family over for a night of good food and good company.

My beautiful best friend got married!
{Angie Penrose was the photographer}

that's right. caught the bouquet.

{sadly, no pictures of us opening presents}
On Christmas Day we went to church and then went to my grandma's house and spent the night with some extended family {a trip was made to the hospital before we got a big family picture}

We love eachother most of the time.
Some of the mamas I nannied for over the summer were glad I came home so they asked me if I could watch their kids and I happily said yes.
{sorry Kinlee and Miles, I don't have pictures of you kiddos!}

Kitty Time!
Enough said.

New Years Eve
One crazy night involving loud music, dancing, friends, sparkling cider, missionary moments, and Seattle.

New Years Day
We have a family tradition that on the first Sunday of the new year, we wear traditional Japanese clothing. This year, church was later in the day and there was a windstorm so we had to take pictures inside.
{the guy in the middle is our exchange student Alex. Older brother decided to skip out and go to his singles ward boo}
For fun, here is last year's picture

Roadtrip back to UT
Brookie, 14 hrs in the car, 17 CDs of Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, and Now, two pitstops, beautiful sunset&sunrise, and snacks


So glad I could go home and visit. It was a great break.


  1. So I have not seen that picture of the kids...where and when was that? kaia, sitting next to me, said "it was at the zoo"...but when?? Thanks for the updates...I wuv them too!

  2. You were kinda busy while you were here--and that's a good thing! Great pics. Glad you made it back to Provo safely!

  3. Oh--Gramma really enjoys your blog, too. She just doesn't leave comments. :-)