Thanksgiving week in Washington

We went to Washington to visit my family for Thanksgiving and since Chris got the entire week off, we got to be there for an extra few days! It's been an adjustment this week, getting back into the routine and going to all of Emi's "piled up" therapy appointments but it was so nice to spend time with family. My parents' house got a little crowded at one point but we were extra blessed to have everyone there this year.   

Thanksgiving day itself was surprisingly relaxed. Chris, Emi, and I went on a long walk in the morning and everyone got all of the food ready in the early afternoon. My mom was in charge of the pies (she makes the best pie) and potatoes, my older brother did the turkey, and I did the green beans and sweet potatoes. This year we did something a little different and I loved it. We had the usual turkey dinner, but we did temaki sushi as well. So right next to the turkey we had raw fish, rice, and seaweed ;) (temaki means hand rolled. Basically, you have all the ingredients for sushi laid out and you make your own roll). It was our first time doing it and judging by how popular it was, it probably won't be our last! I didn't take any pictures of the food but oh well. Everything tasted amazing!

Our family is a hang out, eat leftovers, and play board games kind of family but we decided to all do two things together this year: go on a hike and go to the temple together. And we did! With three babies and a toddler, we weren't sure how it would all go but it ended up working out great. Our time at the temple together was so special and a good reminder on the importance of family. Our hike was rainy and too short but so refreshing. We went on a very short hike since we didn't know how the babies would do but all three stayed nice and cozy in their carriers :) Hopefully, next time we'll be able to brave it for a little longer. Living away from it, sometimes I forget just how green it is in the northwest. It is so beautiful and it just takes my breath away sometimes.

Here are some iphone pictures we took over the week (although most of them are from the hike). Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and I can't believe Christmas is so close!!
^^He wanted to sit by her but I told him she would probably kick him. And when she did, he just laughed and said "She kicked me!"
^^Their cousin relationship is sweet. 
^^my twin nieces!

^^those bear ears! I didn't think I would love that little coat as much as I do :)
 ^^temple selfie with the fam.

^^skipping rocks in the rain.

^^hanging out with Aubrey, just watching the football game.
^^Thanksgiving day naps. Her sleepy smiles are just so cute!
^^pajama party! 
^^love this little family of mine.

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