birthday brunch at the park

Emi turned one!! 

I started thinking about how we should celebrate this big milestone a few months ago and decided to have a party for Emi. It might seem silly since one year olds won't remember but we wanted to do something special. We invited family and friends to a brunch at the park and it was perfect. We picked up some bagels and other breakfast foods for our spread and it turned out better than I imagined! We set up the table in the shade of a beautiful tree, the weather was warm, and there was such a happy feeling. I asked my friend to make a cake and swig cookies and both were so beautiful and tasted amazing! And they were most perfect shade of yellow for our sunshine girl :) So many people came to celebrate Emi and we felt so loved. Seeing other people support our little girl on her big day filled my heart in a uniquely precious way for the first time. 

Emi was tired but she hung out in her high chair for almost the entire time. She loved her first bite of cake and watched contentedly as I opened her presents next to her. I'm not sure how much she understood but I hope she felt loved. All four grandparents came to visit this past weekend and they spoiled Emi the entire time. There were too many cute moments to list and I loved watching them interact. We're so blessed to have such a great community here and feel pretty lucky that we got to celebrate with both family and friends. Happy birthday Emi girl, we love you more than you'll ever know!

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