Our Utah Christmas 2018

I'm currently in that cozy space between Christmas and New Years where all I want to do is relax and eat chocolate and it feels goood. We spent our Christmas in Utah but we flew back to California yesterday and it's so nice to just be home together. It was a happy Christmas spent with family and doing fun things! We felt really blessed this year to be with family, to have gifts, and to be in a warm home. So many don't get that kind of holiday and I know I take it for granted sometimes.

We tried to squeeze in as much as we could while we were there! We went to see Ralph Breaks the Internet, made gingerbread cookies, and decorated the tree! I went to a Christmas play The Forgotten Carols, we played games, and had our third annual "Casual Christmas" with friends. There were lots of deep, thought-provoking conversations about health, religion, and true happiness, plenty of good food, and hanging out in pajamas.

Emi cried quite a bit and didn't sleep well during our trip but I kept feeling grateful that she was with us. She had a seizure on Christmas Day (and honestly on most of the other days, too) and slept almost the entire morning but I was grateful we weren't in the hospital and that Emi wasn't struggling with anything extra. There were a few times when I needed some time alone to process what I was feeling but I've learned that if I let myself be sad and really feel it (rather than avoid it), it helps in the long run. Overall though, it was a very merry Christmas :)
^^Emi and I went to Utah ahead of Chris. She cried the entire night before so I was really nervous for the flight, but overall she did amazingly well! 
^^We got to see lots of friends! So excited for the Hutchinsons and their little twins on the way!
^^a cold morning walk with Emi. She liked the fresh air and playing on the swing with me :)
^^Chris' mom loves tennis so she asked the whole family to do a lesson together. So we did! I probably enjoyed dancing to the music more than actually playing but it was fun! Emi fell asleep in her stroller on the sidelines with Grammy.
^^Christmas pajamas with my favorites. We bought these last year and I hope we wear them for years to come!
^^Emi's new trick. She eventually figured out how to put her pinkie in as well ;)
^^Meeting little Simon at five days old! Our friends had their baby but still came to our annual "Casual Christmas" party to see us! Somehow I didn't get a picture of all of us and I'm bummed. But we played lots of games, talked about babies, and ate lots of treats.
^^My heart in a picture. Also, babies in beanies are the best.
^^Celebrating three years of marriage in the mountains!
^^Chris took me skiing! He has been skiing his whole life and has wanted to teach me since we got married so we made it happen this year!
^^Such a newbie.
^^Until next time Utah!

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