Party of three

Welcome to our family Emi Romney!

Emi was born on October 14th, 2017 (a week after her due date!) weighing an even 8 pounds and measuring 19.5 inches. Labor and delivery was long and difficult so we were extra relieved when she was born safely. This mama was so happy to see her and her arm rolls, chubby cheeks, and head of hair were all a great bonus. Chris and I both felt like we were going to have a girl from day one so we were happy when we saw that "Baby" was a girl! I'm not sure if we'll wait to find out the gender for every baby but the second we found out was one of my favorite moments. It was so fun and definitely worth the patience :) 

Recovery took longer than I expected but I'm finally feeling better. Thankfully, we had a lot of help. I'm positive I could not have done this past month by myself so I am very, very grateful for all of the extra hands. My mom came for a few weeks, Chris' mom for a week, and then a friend for a few days. Plus, Chris got to be home for three weeks (bless you, paternity leave) which was an absolute miracle! Everyone has left/gone back to work now so things feel quiet but Emi and I are slowly figuring out a rhythm. We mostly stay at home in comfy clothes cuddling, but we've gone out on a few family outings. We even went out to eat the other night! Emi stayed in her carseat, covered and asleep the entire time but I'm sure she enjoyed it ;) 

Emi is the most content baby. She sleeps a lot (comes with the age, I know) and is happy to just hang out when she's awake. She makes many different kinds of noises but rarely cries, and if she does, it's right before she burps or passes gas. Sleeping at night is getting better but it's never been bad. She is the best baby for us and we feel like she's made our transition to parenthood a pretty smooth one. Obviously, we're only a month in and we still know next to nothing haha but we are happy to be parents. Plus we're pretty in love with her. We feel so so blessed to have her in our family and even though I've already cried because she's getting bigger, we're excited for this new journey as a family of three! 

^^Despite the face, I'm confident she loves me back ;)

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  1. You could be the poster family for the song, We Are A Happy Family! Great photos. :)