a surprise date for husband + 39 weeks

Last week, I took Chris on a surprise date and I somehow managed to not spoil it! I usually get so excited that I have a hard time waiting to keep things a surprise so I was proud of myself :) Chris is particular about seeing new animated movies on the big screen so he can see all of the details and Ninjago, the new lego movie, just came out. Since baby could come any day, I wanted to make sure he had the chance to see in the theater! It has been on Chris' watchlist for a while but I kept my fingers crossed that he hadn't been paying attention to the release date and that no one at work would mention it. Things worked in my favor and even after he figured out we were going to see a movie, he didn't know which one ;) Yay!

There were definitely funny parts and the animation was great, but it's not one I would watch over and over again. It was entertaining though to hear the parents and kids laugh at different parts and I liked that Jackie Chan was in it (yep, I'm a fan). Afterwards, we stopped by Five Guys for some of our favorite fries and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine on our bike ride home. My bike riding days are numbered but I'm going to hang in there as long as I can, even though I look ridiculous ;)

Dates with Chris this summer have felt special. I've always loved going out and spending time with him but this little date reminded me of how much can change in a year. Last year around this time, Chris left for Pixar for his first internship while I stayed to finish my last semester of college. Now that it's fall, I'm missing Utah's crisp weather and beautiful colors more than ever, but I wouldn't change a thing right now. Despite my efforts, it doesn't quite feel like fall here since I'm still wearing t-shirts and experiencing beach weather, but we are together. And that's all that matters. Those three months apart last year were hard but it has made being here together in California these past few months extra special. And now we're expecting our first baby any day! We made it to 39 weeks and my mom is coming to town in a few days so things are starting to feel much more real! Here's to hoping that our fall baby makes his/her appearance soon :)

 ^^just waiting for a mini cup of mayo for our fry sauce #notinutahanymore

^^This bike seat served me well this summer but I clearly need a new one.

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