5 things about my 5 week old

1. I love it so much when you open your eyes wide and make your mouth a little "o."
2. You make little roaring and growling noises so often that sometimes we call you our little dinosaur.
3. You don't like baths in the kitchen sink but you looove taking them in the big bath tub.
4. The first thing people comment on is your hair. It just keeps getting longer and fluffier!
5. In a few days you'll get to experience Thanksgiving! But for the first time, I'm excited about something more than the food and it's that you get to meet more family!

Happy Thanksgiving week everyone! 

1 comment:

  1. What-?? You're excited about Thanksgiving for a reason OTHER than food? That's a first. ;) Emi's an excellent reason to get excited about Thanksgiving, that's for sure. Happy Turkey Day!