One day I'll have a real Christmas tree!

The last week when we were walking to the bank, we saw Christmas trees for sale! We already have a little plastic tree but I wanted to smell that delicious green smell so Chris agreed to walk through it with me. The Christmas spirit definitely started to feel real as I got giddy seeing all the wreaths and trees! Having a little person that's never experienced Christmas before makes everything so much more exciting, even if it is just a quick walk through cut trees ;)

Growing up my family always had a real Christmas tree so it feels odd for me to not have one in my own home. When I told Chris we should get at least a little one, he reminded me that we still go to our parents' house for the holidays and that it would be depressing to come home to a dried out tree...so we passed and just took a few pictures instead :)

 ^^Her face haha!

Cheers to it being December and Christmas so close!!

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