Fall babies

I can't believe it's September already! With today's predicted temperature being 112 degrees and neither of us going back to school (first time since we were 4 years old!), our summer has not ended yet, but I'm ready to embrace fall. Fall is my favorite season anyway but I might be more excited than usual this year ;) Chris and I both have fall birthdays so I'm especially excited to have our own fall baby! 

The other night I sat on the floor while Chris laid his head on my lap, hand on my belly. Music from one of my favorite pandora stations was playing loudly. As the good songs kept playing, little baby rolled, kicked, and wiggled all around. Every time Chris felt movement, his eyes would light up and he would smile up at me. Feeling this baby grow inside me and move around has been so special. At first, it was really bizarre, then cool, then very special, and now borderline painful haha. It's hard to put into words and sometimes I wish I could just hand my belly over to Chris so he can experience it too. But since that's not going to happen anytime soon, it is special moments like these that I tuck deep inside and cherish (and get me excited for when this little baby is actually here!). 

I wonder what this little baby is going to look like every day. We both wanted to keep the gender a surprise so that adds an extra unknown element but somehow we've managed to stay strong and still not know :) We do have a feeling of whether this baby is a girl or a boy but we'll have to see if we're right! Either way, something tells me this little baby is set in the chub department. Look at that chin and those arm rolls! Chris and I were both chubby babies and we have high hopes for this baby's future squish ;) Overall, this pregnancy has been great and things are looking good. Other than waking up frequently at night, I really have no complaints! I'm measuring normal for 35 weeks and I've gained about 15 pounds. I'm feeling a little large but I'm still able to ride my bike and walk comfortably, so that's helping me stay active even though I probably look ridiculous ;). 

With about a month left, things are starting to feel a bit more real. The little baby clothes are waiting to be washed and folded, we're still looking for the stroller, and we're mostly set on names. I've started gathering recipes for freezer meals and our moms have started planning their trips down to visit and help out. We're halfway through our childbirth education class and I've finished the books I wanted to read. So now we just need to wrap a few things up and wait patiently :) We're so excited to meet you Baby! 

Happy Friday and hope everyone has a great three day weekend! 

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  1. Oh my gosh--you were BOTH chubby, adorable babies! :)