Japan Part II: Himeji and Yokohama (one year later..)

Last year at this time, Chris and I were traveling all over Japan. Chris put together the videos but I never finished posting from our time there. So I dug through my blog drafts and I'm wrapping things up a year later (and it just so happens that it's Thursday and this is a throwback.. ;)! Here you go!

Before leaving for Japan, Chris and I bought a Japan Rail pass. We did the math and decided to take the train to Hokkaido instead of flying. It was cheaper, and we would truly get to see all of Japan.

Himeji castle was on our list of things we wanted to see, so we stopped by for a few hours on our way to Yokohama. Like most things, pictures don't do it justice. It was big and beautiful, and the day proved to be hot and crowded. Since neither of us had been there before, getting to explore it together was really fun. Most of our trip was spent with people (which was the point of the whole trip!), but it was special having it be just us. After the castle, we walked a few blocks extra to go to McDonalds haha. We never go to McDonalds in the US, but for some reason, it tastes so much better in Japan. So I always try go at least once while I'm there ;) 

After Himeji, we headed to Yokohama. My sister-in-law's parents, the Tanakas, live in Yokohama and they invited us to visit. They picked us up from the train station and took us back to their house, where most of their family was waiting to welcome us with incredible amount of food. Other than two people, no one had seen Chris since he was 15, so it was a happy time catching up and meeting new babies (not ours, theirs obviously). Unfortunately, we didn't get any good pictures with them :/ 

The next day, we played in Yokohama! We went to Akasuka, Tokyo Sky Tree, and went to the waterfront. Thank you Tanaka family for welcoming us, loving us, and showing us your city! We love you! We took way too many photos but here are a few from those few days :)

*The video also covers when we were in Hakodate for a night and in Asahikawa but I'll post about those areas next!

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  1. I would love to take my husband to Japan! (his dream vacation)
    Where did you stay? Any recommendations what what to see, where to go, places to eat?
    Thank you!