Two month update + a lot of baby bump pictures

We just got back from a weekend in Utah and I was surprised to realize that in two short months, our little apartment in this new city has started to feel like home. Our things have been unpacked for weeks and the furniture has been all set up but it took stepping away for a few days to recognize what our little space has become. We're still on the hunt for some essentials to finish up putting things together but we're feeling much more settled in and apparently, feeling at home here!

We found a wonderful birth center with a great team of midwives in our area. There aren't very many birth centers in the East Bay so I was relieved to find a great one. Leaving our midwives in Utah made me really nervous but I'm really happy with our new birth center. In fact, I actually like it quite a bit better! We had a nervous few days about a month ago when some potential health issues popped up, but the midwives were so supportive and helpful while we got things resolved (everything is fine, I just have to be careful about a few things).

Since moving here, there have been a few things I've noticed. One thing that really stands out is that the entire area is extremely bike friendly! There are bike lanes on almost every street and bike paths everywhere. Drivers are extremely courteous towards bikes and other cyclists are always polite when they pass this slow pregnant lady ;) Everyone wears helmets and there are bike racks near wherever I'm going usually. The closer you get to the city, the more bikes (and parents with little kids on bikes) you see! It's nice to feel safe when riding around :)

Our first impressions of people being super kind were spot on. Wherever I go, I see acts of kindness and it makes my heart happy. I've never been pregnant anywhere else so I don't have much to compare it to, but I'm surprised by all of the positive comments I get! Cashiers, random people at the Costco food court, the homeless person hanging out by the train station... everyone seems to want to wish me congratulations or good luck and this mama-to-be has no problem with that :)

A recent experience when we were out to dinner sums up another thing I've noticed. Chris and I randomly found a small, fresh Mediterranean restaurant and while we were eating, the owner came over to see how our meal was going. In the middle of the conversation, she noticed Chris' left hand and then asked in a very surprised voice if we were married. I said yes, laughed, and then showed her my baby bump. Her response of "Oh wow, but you're so young!" was followed by a "So, where are you guys from? Because you clearly aren't from around here." We clearly don't give off the California vibe haha. Other than church, everywhere I go where there are mamas-to-be, I am by far the youngest. Our childbirth class, prenatal group, all of the baby stores... I feel pretty young. It hasn't bothered me too much, but sometimes I need to remind myself that we felt good about our decision and that the right time for us is now, not ten years down the road when we're homeowners who have a large yard, three cars, and a set career, even though that may be the more logical choice (although here in California, it might be 20 years before we're homeowners haha). Our work situation here is still up in the air (for those who are wondering about Chris' internship) but we've decided to have the baby here since we like our birth center so much. After that, who knows!

Anyways, I'm grateful for this stage of life and for all that is to come! It's going to be an adventure :) Happy Thursday everyone!

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