well this is it.

my auntie holli. we did a fun little photoshoot for our last hangout.
taken by willow's photography
today is my last day.
last day to wear leggings and a flannel shirt
last day to blog
last day to be alone
last day for 'merican food
last day to hug baby boy
last day to bike without a helmet
the last day i do things for myself.
tomorrow i fly to utah and on wednesday, i start the biggest adventure of my life.
i cannot wait to teach people about Jesus Christ, true happiness, and that families can live together forever. i've been waiting since december 5th when i ripped open that letter.
and now it's finally here!
so this is good-bye.
thank you for reading, encouraging, and supporting me :) 
if you're interested, my emails home will be posted on a separate missionary blog.
take care and, of course, happy blogging!
i'll be back in 18 months :)

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