bits & pieces : missionary edition

 ^^it's going to be weird not having my own cellphone to check time. guess i better get used to a watch!
^^i'm not too much of a jewelry person so this is all i'm taking. i bought cheap jewelry so that if i lost/broke something, i wouldn't be upset.

 ^^black and brown shoes. not the most stylish but they're comfy without being clunky. both are the born brand.

 ^^i love scarves! sapporo gets really cold in the winter so i'm bringing both summer and winter scarves. plus it adds more variety ;)
top picture l-r: walmart, gift, gift, japan
bottom picture l-r: walmart, romy, marshalls
 ^^so many people have told me know how to mend clothes for the mission. buttons fall off, things rip, tear, etc. my mom made this sewing kit for me when i left for college and i'm so glad she did!

^^one heavy duty, one not so heavy duty. l: target r:costco
^^took me a while to find the right container for a first aid kit. this is actually a lunch box with three compartments on top. it's big enough to hold all of my medicine, band aids, essential oils, etc. i found it at marshalls in the kitchen section.

^^i usually keep all of this in my backpack anyway so why not bring it? i have a mini make-up bag to put all this in so it doesn't get lost in the big bag i'm going to carry every day.

^^journals! writing! studying! the sister missionaries in my ward recommended separate journals for studying/conferences and personal. for missionaries going foreign speaking, my mom suggests a little notebook for vocab.
^^don't forget these!! especially the jump drive so you can get pictures from other missionaries.

^^i attempted outfit pictures, i really did. but me and the self timer aren't on speaking terms now so i'll have to bribe my brother. in my upset state, i changed into this. isn't it sad how creepy my smile looks?
every missionary will take different things depending on where they're going but this is just a peek of what i'm taking. any suggestions for important items to take? stuff that other missionaries said they wish they had had?
i'm all ears :)


  1. whatever you forget here, you can get in Japan :) They have EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!! I could spend two hours in a convenience store over there because it's so awesom elol

    1. So true!! I usually pack to the point where I'm overly prepared haha.

    love it.

    you know what I'm talking about.