life lately

^^isn't he so dang cute?  and his laugh? i die.

i hang out with baby boy all day and, when he's not crying, is the cutest thing in this world ;)
said good-bye to my best friends from high school this past week. we don't share the exact same beliefs but i'm happy they're supporting me.
said good-bye to my extended family last week. so many people came to my farewell and i felt so much love and support.
i made a list of food i want to eat before i leave and we've been slowly checking them off the list.
we took family pictures the other day.....i'm not sure what it is about my family but every time we are put in front of a camera we get silly. so silly.
down to six days until i leave. seven until i'm officially a missionary.
so those thermals that i bought? been wearing them every day since.
i watched perks of being a wallflower. i cried.
looking all over for the perfect mission dress...and not succeeding.
 trying to tie up loose ends. taxes will probably be the last thing i do...

debating on what movie to go see before i leave. safe haven, oz, or jack the giant slayer? i only have enough pennies for one.

i've made santa fe chicken three times this past week (chicken, rotel tomatoes, cream cheese, beans, and corn over rice). my little brother is in love.

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