life lately is...

first day of 1st grade
...early to bed, early to rise and feeling like an old woman all the time. just give me a cat and knitting needles.
...failed quizzes. apparently i needed to be humiliated humbled. and reminded to study harder.
...being one of 3 girls in both my japanese classes. and everyone else being pretty darn attractive.
...officially registering for a marathon!
...my boss watching moose hunting youtube videos. first thing that came to mind was this.
...having deep conversations with my roommate about evolution vs creation and marriage vs serving a mission.
...getting the constant question "do you have an older brother and did he serve a mission in japan?" at least it's given me an excuse to talk to them ;)
...my building being taking over by students. my building being where i work because, you know, having a desk in a corner makes the whole building mine.
...going on facebook and every day there is a new baby or "i'm pregnant!" announcement.
...waiting excitedly for the day i can say i'm 20.
...not so patiently waiting for my laptop to be fixed.
...loving my cute old japanese professor. his jokes totally beat his strictness.
...being excited for my study group more than i ever have been before.
...realizing how good-looking byu students are...
...already tired of homework. ha.
...being super excited about what i'm learning! china, japan, korea, repeat.

maybe i'll have something more exciting next time, but until then, happy thursday!

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  1. Aaa~ahh! Your old Hello Kitty shoes! You LOVED those shoes, along with your Hello Kitty backpack, bento box, pencil case, etc., etc. Kaia now uses your Hello Kitty dishes and utensils every time she comes over--brings back good memories. Glad you're enjoying life at BYWoo!