chicken pot pie is good for the soul

last week was a little humbling if you couldn't tell from my last post. quizzes, papers, a presentation...it was nonstop. I even slept through my alarm and missed my morning run twice. it was one of those weeks where you just want to sit down, cry, and eat chocolate.

but through the sweet goodness of a higher power, the end of my week ended just right. my classes went well, work went by fast, and I figured out the next two years of my life. there's something exciting about having a game plan, ya know? internships don't come when you're just floating along aimlessly {unless you're really really really lucky}. so now I'm excited for school all over again.

then, the stars lined up and I went to a freshmen roommate reunion. I hadn't seen natalie in almost a year and kimmie in about 4 months. but we all laughed and talked like no time has passed. we made our favorite rolls and chicken pot pie and stuffed ourselves silly. we looked through some old pictures and definitely had some good laughs.

these girls will always be special to me. it was our first time living away from home and we grew really close when we learned to rely on each other that first year. I'm so glad they're still in my life even if it's only for one night every couple of months and I have to share them with husbands and boyfriends ;)

the rest of my weekend was pretty low key. saturday consisted of a long run, lots of homework, and a movie night. sunday was made up of an amazing church conference, nap, and a much needed spiritual rejuvenation. man, I love weekends.

this week is going to be much better. no meltdowns, no yelling at the computer, and no binge eating chocolate. or at least that's what I'm telling myself ;)

ps. so those quizzes and that presentation? all above 90%. booyah.

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  1. roommates are truly the best. you will be friends forever because of all the things you experience together :)