life is

..discovering you can get blisters underneath your toenails.
..having an old man tell me my dress is "hot"
..having a roommate who listens to me ramble about imperialism.
..my body feeling like it's falling apart. then buying a bag of ice the size of a whale.
..not realizing a couple has broken up and me asking them where their boyfriend is (multiply by three).
..always looking tired.
..making sukiyaki with friends.
..having roommates who are obsessed with tlc wedding shows.
..being way too excited about getting to sleep in until 7:00. is this what it feels like to be an adult?
..spending too much time on homework. it. never. ends.
..watching japanese game shows on youtube.
..asking for practical things for my birthday when i would diiiie for these babies
..counting down the days until japan!!
..top knots every day. and then realizing how long my hair is getting when i wear it down.
..getting a new rice cooker and being silly excited.
..finding joy in the litte things.

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