thoughts: finals week edition

preparing for finals week:
a time when people wonder what have I been doing all semester?!
a time of living off of granola bars, fruit, and chocolate
and eating sneakily in the library
a time when the library closes too early
a time for messy buns 
a time of reaching your maximum brain capacity
a time when there are a good number of people partying at the library past midnight
a time when it's not that weird to see a watermelon, cinnamon rolls, cookies, m&ms, and bananas in a study room {...okay maybe a little bit}
a time when all I talk about is what happened at the library because that's where I live
a time when I go running because of frustrations
a time when I wonder why people wear heels to the library
a time when my emotions range from I'm-so-done-I-don't-care-if-I-fail-this-test to oh-man-I-have-to-ace-this-test-to-pass
happy finals week.
good luck to those who are taking finals!

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