snow today, summer tomorrow

2 days ago I pulled out my swimsuit. today I pulled out a cozy hat and boots. while I don't love the snow, I'm secretly loving wearing my cozy sweater and red scarf again. I'm not quite ready for swimsuits yet. summer, on the other hand, is something I'm more than ready for. I bought a seven peaks pass of all passes with some friends so we'll be going to water parks, games, and other fun places. this summer is going to be a little different than last summer. I'm officially staying here with the same girls I'm living with now and working full-time at the office. not sure when all those fun activities are going to fit in but trust me, they're going to happen.
but something else has really got me in a great mood today. it's not the apple fritter I just ate or the cadbury chocolate eggs my boss bought for the office. it's not that it's friday or that one of my classes was cancelled. it's not that my nails are finally painted. it's not that there are 3 1/2 more days of classes left. it's not because I set up a baby herb garden in the kitchen last night. it's not because a friend from home is coming to provo tomorrow for a week. those things warm my soul but last night my mama called and told me she bought my ticket! in less than 3 months, we will be reunited. and I'm pretty darn excited.

*the lady in the middle is a family friend but I just love this photo of my family

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