foodie weekend

this weekend {well, at least friday and saturday} should have been dedicated to studying for upcoming finals. instead, my weekend revolved around food* and in the words of Sarah, it was bomb. a nice boy in our ward lent us his car so Kylee and I went grocery shopping, also known as: where can we find the best deals. we went to a different store than usual and there were some great bargains. pears, apples, zucchini, cucumbers, strawberries, cheese, all natural bread, avocados, onions, carrots, broccoli, grapefruit, and lunch meat, all of that for a little over twenty bones. Ky and I were quite happy, but it didn't stop there. we continued the fun by buying kimchi, tofu, and seaweed at the Asian market. I felt a little mommy-ish getting excited about groceries but there is no shame in saving money and a fridge full of food. 
on sunday, we decided to have a nice easter bbq after church. my roommate Carly was in charge of hamburger buns and dessert, and I made the patties. Ky fired up the george foreman grill and the delicious burgers were born. we wrapped the weekend up with a nice evening walk in a cute neighborhood. 

now it's the homestretch before finals. the plan is to live at the library but we'll see. 
hope everyone enjoyed a yummy easter weekend :) 

*I did manage to read a chapter for history and study for New Testament buuuut that's about it.

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