This will be the 3rd time I've started this post and I keep having to change it because new things keep happening! But to back up...

Yes, I'm alive!

 Life has gotten in the way of my blogging and I would apologize, but nothing too drastic has happened. And yet, new and exciting things have been going on.

Last weekend was General Conference and oh, how amazing that was. I watched the Saturday sessions in the apartment with the roomies and friends but on Saturday night, a group of us girls headed up to Midway to Carly's grandparents' house to watch conference there. It was so amazing to get away from school and normal life. Fall colors were just beginning to show and I got a couple pictures from the walk we went on between sessions. Being out in nature was so peaceful. It was great to be able to just walk around with these girls, appreciate God's creations, and talk about conference. I was so grateful for that weekend.

School is going really well. The semester is chugging along and the homework load is just getting bigger and bigger. But one really amazing thing that I love about this semester classes--World Civ and Asian Humanities overlap so I get to learn somethings twice, which is nice for my brain. My Doctrine and Covenants class and Joseph Smith and the Restoration class overlap too so I get another double whammy. Jazz is incredibly hard but I can feel myself get stronger with every class so that's nice. Japanese is same old same old but the workload is slightly heavier than previous classes. Last week I had 5 midterms and my poor brain was dying. Luckily, this week was a tad bit easier but I had to catch up on all of the homework I put off to study for my tests. But now it's the weekend and it's also my birthday! I got a couple things in the mail and I was so excited to open them :)

{I took this picture with my foot..hehe}

A chocolate cake mix from Sho. Soo excited to make it!

Today is my birthday but since it's on a Sunday, I celebrated it yesterday. I went to Chipotle with one of my best friends, and then we went to Thanksgiving Point and wandered through stores, and then we went to the BYU vs. San Jose football game! The game was freezing cold but we won so it made it worth it. Here are some snapshots from the day :)

Heaven wrapped in foil. What a beaut.

Who I spent my "birthday" with :)


Cosmo doin his thing

We won!!
It's been a great weekend :) Now I'm 19  years old and of course much, much more mature than when I was 18. I'm another year closer to not being a teenager woohoo! But anyways, happy Fall! (Or if you're in Utah...happy Winter!) 


  1. ok, so just a picture and nothing else about who you spent your birthday with??? that's just not right at all young lady! and great choice on venue...making me a little craving right now. Luvs ya!

  2. Glad your birthday was good! I really missed you here--we had a nice Sunday dinner without you and invited the Thorleys. Not quite the same, but fun nonetheless. Oh--Gramma would be proud of your very talented foot. :-)