In my excitement for Thanksgiving, I totally overlooked Halloween {which isn't too surprising since I'm not doing anything really exciting...}

The one on the right is just plain awkward. It's half it's-Halloween-so-I-can-look-creepy and half man-I-wish-I-was-a-model. Oh well. But seriously, there's gotta be something in the water because I feel like I have become so much more awkward than I ever used to be. How did this happen?!

Unfortunate mishaps:
-Waving at someone who you know but they don't see you. Or hear you. Or pretend that they don't know you. Happens all the time these days.
-Thinking that someone is talking to you when they're actually talking to someone behind you.
-Realizing that you wore your shirt backwards allll day long.
-Saying something that sounded great in your head but in reality, no one else thinks so.
-Not knowing whether what someone is wearing is a Halloween costume or not...
-Doing the pee dance during class because you have to go so bad but don't want to get up and crawl over people, backpacks, and laptops.
-^Then getting odd looks from the people around you.
-Asking someone where they're from 2 minutes after they tell you..
-Drool of any kind. But especially the kind where it just drips out right before you take a bite of food. And then you nonchalantly play it off and pretend like it didn't happen.
-Anything about a wedgie. You know how it goes.

And here's the big, bad, awful one.
So to start the story, I'm a germophobe. So when I go to the bathroom in public, I put toilet paper on the seat. No big deal right? Well after doing my business, I washed my hands and left. I proceeded to walk across campus to my next class. I sat down to study for a bit before it started. Out of habit, I reached behind me to pull my shirt down. {insert look of mortification} I realized that I had walked across campus with toilet paper hanging out of my pants. Woohoo! Go Liz! 
At least it makes a great story.

But on the bright side, WalMart is a great place to hit up on Halloween.



  1. reading this in the airport and relayed the story to Hal (amid my own laughter) and Hal's response? "she walked across campus with tp on her bum...on purpose??" made me laugh even harder. thanks for the Halloween laughter!!

  2. hahaha - this just made my night..and i wish i could have seen it :P

  3. Oh no! Well, you can just tell everyone it was part of your Halloween costume! When you get home, I'll tell you my most embarassing public bathroom story of when we took you and Jess to BYU last year....