Fall is so gorgeous. I've always liked this time of the year but it's kind of nice to be able to actually enjoy the leaves instead of them being blown away in a windstorm/rainstorm within weeks {Enumclaw, ahem}

We've had mulling spices on our stove for a couple weeks as well as Jessica's ah-mazing candles {Cinnabon and pumpkin mmm}. We also have Halloween decorations courtesy of Jess' mom, which is super fun. The trees in Provo have changed color and the air is crisp during the day. We have pumpkins on our front porch and we went to a corn maze. I've also been watching Halloween movies to add to the mood {I'm still not sure what I think of Alfred Hitchcock}.  I don't want to wear any other shoes but boots and I want to snuggle with any kind of scarf.

 But now that my birthday has come and gone and fall is slowly turning into winter, I've got my eye on Thanksgiving! Sadly, I'm not going home but I'm stoked to spend it with my roommate Carly and her family. Good food, friends, and no school? Count me in.

P.S. This is how I feel about winter coming...

thuper duper exthited.


  1. We have had gorgeous weather here, too! No wind yet and very little rain in October. The leaves are beautiful and I love Fall. We're supposed to get our first SNOW this week, too. Gasp! Winter might be 'thuper exthiting' here, too.

  2. I love Cornbellys! I didn't get to go this year and I was super sad about it haha. Looks like it was fun!