ten things about my ten month old

 Emi is ten months old! Her birthday feels like it's right around the corner and I'm having a hard time believing it. It feels like I just wrote "five things about my five week old" but here we are! There are so many things that I think I will remember, yet when I read my journal or old posts there are things I've forgotten. So here are ten things about right now that I want to remember.

1. Emi loves to suck on her pointer finger and thumb. She has a really funny habit right now of having a hard time choosing between her left and right hand, so she'll switch hands and fingers every few seconds.
2. She smiles more and laughs more than she ever has before and it makes me happier than anything. Sometimes when she just chats and laughs on her own I wonder what she finds so funny, but whatever it is, I'll take it!
3. That being said, it takes a lot of work to get her to laugh in response to us. We have to find a very specific spot when we tickle her, raise our voices embarrassingly high, and practically convince her to laugh. But when she does, it's kind of the best thing in this whole world.
4. When she has a lot of energy or when she's excited, she loves to kick her legs when she's laying on the ground. The mattress in her crib is a little springy and she loves to kick and bounce herself when she's in it.
5. Emi doesn't crawl but she rotates around on the ground. She'll kick and roll around and before long, she'll have moved a few feet.
6. She still has chubby thighs, big cheeks, and ankle rolls. She's so squish-able and I love giving her hugs.
7. Emi loves her greens! Spinach, broccoli, avocado, green peas, zucchini...all of it. She doesn't love fruit but she'll eat it if it's with a veggie haha.
8. She has four teeth!
9. Emi's developmental road is different than a typical child's, but as she gets older, the differences become more apparent (and will only continue to become more pronounced). Sometimes it's hard for me to see pictures and videos of babies Emi's age or younger since it reminds of what she's not doing yet and may never do. While I would give almost anything for her to be doing the same things, I'm trying to appreciate her extended baby stage and enjoy her right now.
10. Everywhere we go, people are drawn to Emi. It could be her big blue eyes and long eyelashes, but I believe it's because they feel her unique spirit. As her mama there's a natural bias, but Emi is exceptional in her own way and I'm positive that other people feel it, too. Or even if it is just because she's cute, I love the sweet love that people have for her.
***Since Emi can't quite sit up yet and rolls over after 0.2 seconds of tummy time, she's developed a flat spot on her head. We decided to help round it out with a cranial remolding helmet. She'll probably have it 4-6 months. I think the yellow was a good choice. It's such a happy color! If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask! 

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