Strawberry picking

There's an energy in the air, the kind that only comes when summer arrives! With no car last summer, we didn't really get to take advantage of all the fun things to do here but I have big plans to make up for it this year! And it's even better because we get to bring Emi along with us while we explore. A couple weeks ago we went strawberry picking and had such a good time. We've been encouraging Emi to interact with her surroundings more, so trying new things and offering opportunities for stimulation has been important. We put her toes in the dirt and let her touch and smell the strawberries. She didn't care for the breeze but she did like the sunshine :)

We got lunch before going to the strawberry fields (some of the best Mexican food I've ever had), the weather was perfect, and Emi had just eaten and napped so we took our time picking strawberries. Afterwards, we decided to stop by the beach on our way home (still kind of crazy to me that we can do that!). It was a quick stop just to check it out and dip our toes in, but it felt nice to breathe in the salty air and walk on the sand. The whole day just felt really dreamy. Keep it up California and we just might never leave...

^^I will forever love these ankle rolls.

We love you summer!!

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