quick trip to Washington!

A few weeks ago, we visited my older brother's family since we didn't get to see them at Emi's blessing. They're having twins in July and we wanted to squeeze in a quick trip before the baby girls come! They conveniently live with my parents right now so we got to see them, too!

It was a super quick trip, just a little over 48 hours, but it exactly what we needed. We hadn't seen them since Christmas so we were due for a visit. My nephew is now two and a half and absolutely hilarious. He kept wanting to hold hands with Emi and wanted to watch her nurse haha. The three minutes of him trying to sit on my lap while pulling Emi's arm as she attempted to nurse definitely gave me a peek into what having more kids might be like haha. But it was so sweet. I loved watching him interact with her. While we were there, my mom watched Emi while we went to the Seattle temple. We don't get to go very often, especially with family, so it felt extra special. At the end of the weekend, after playing lots of games, staying up late, eating a big Sunday dinner, and laughing together, we all agreed that the temple was the best part of our trip (it also happened to be the only thing I got pictures of).

It's hard, wanting to live by family and old friends but also feeling so good about where we're living right now.  I'd love for Emi to be able to be with her cousins and grandparents more, especially as she gets older. Thankfully tickets to Washington and Utah are cheap but it's definitely not the same. We feel like we are where we're supposed to be right now though. We feel so lucky that there are so many opportunities in this area, resources for Emi, and that the weather is beautiful. Plus good food, diversity, and beaches! It's been a year since we've been in California and I surprisingly really like it. More than all that though, it feels like we're meant to be here. So for now, Bay Area it is! (With lots and lots of visits to family and friends of course!)

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