Iceland: Part Two

I've always liked taking pictures. I enjoy a beautiful photo just as much as the next person, but recently, I have come to appreciate the stories behind photos more, especially with this one. This picture was taken at Reynisfjara Beach, a beautiful black sand beach that was at the top of my Iceland to-see list. The day we went though was stormy, freezing cold, and miserable. It rained in Iceland during the majority of our trip so I'm not sure why this particular moment was especially frustrating, but it was. As this picture so clearly shows, I was furious at the weather for not cooperating. I was miserable and I refused to smile for a picture haha (poor Chris was so patient with me!).

We had to rearrange a few of our plans so we ended up driving past this beach again the next day. Everyone knew that I had been unhappy the first time, so Chris suggested that we stop by again. It was a beautiful sunny day and I was so excited to see it in the sunshine! But when we got there, it was packed with tourists and there were crowds around the basalt columns waiting to take pictures. And even though it took me three days to admit... the beach was so much prettier in the storm. By the end of the trip, I was laughing at how silly it was that I got so mad, but it was a good reminder to find beauty and the positive in all situations, even if they aren't what we want or expect.

^^Happy husband!

 This canyon was recommended on a few travel guides so we made a quick side stop since it wasn't on our original itinerary. I'm so so glad we did because it was absolutely beautiful! Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon was definitely one of my favorite spots on this trip. It was wet and muddy but the rain made everything look so green. It was just a short walk to the lookout and if it hadn't been raining, we probably would've spent even more time there!
Jökulsárlón "Glacier Lagoon." First time seeing icebergs! We were pretty bummed we couldn't see the huge glacier because of all the fog but it was still beautiful. Even though it got dark because of the fog, this picture was taken at 11 pm! It was freezing but at least we had the place to ourselves ;)

Skaftafell: Oh hey, notice the wet clothes again? Haha. Such a pretty little waterfall with all of those columns!

Skogafoss! This classic waterfall drew lots of tourists since it was right off the road, but it was a pretty stop! We didn't stay here too long but the parking lot was a decent place to make grilled cheese sandwiches ;)
Camping in the middle of nowhere. So beautiful despite the crazy wind that night!

We stopped by here since it was free and because, hot springs! But Seljavallalaug was the coldest hot spring I've ever been in haha, which is why I didn't take my beanie off! The water was so murky and green the boys didn't even go in it. (We ended our week with a trip to Laugarvatn Fontana, an Icelandic spa, where we stayed for three and a half hours haha. Conclusion: if you're in Iceland, spend the money and go to a nice hot spring!)
 Apparently the most famous hot dogs in Reykjavik. We stumbled into this little hot dog stand and didn't realize it was famous until we looked it up!
This was our last stop before the airport and I'm so grateful we got to go. The fact that we can go to church all over the world is a miracle itself, but it was even more amazing how everyone spoke English and there was interpretation for the visitors. There happened to be a lot of visitors that Sunday and it was extra special to be able to attend church with people of the same faith from around the world.

We love you Iceland! You were such an adventure and it felt like visiting another world. Thanks for all of the good memories :)

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