Iceland: Part One

When Chris and I got married, we made it a goal to travel outside of the country at least once a year. Interacting with people around the world, seeing how other people live, and going beyond our comfort zone can teach us so many things and I wanted that to be part of our life together. Thankfully Chris was equally as enthusiastic and we've had fun thinking about all of the fun places we want to go together :)

At the beginning of this year, we started thinking about where we wanted to go. Our big trip last year was to Japan (which I never finished posting about...but our videos are here if you want to watch them!) and it was so much fun, but we wanted to go somewhere pretty different this year. Both of us love outdoor adventures and Iceland was on our list, but after doing the numbers, decided that it would need to wait. We settled on a place that was a little closer and started planning that trip. Fast forward two months when another couple told us they were planning a trip to Iceland in May, the same month we were hoping to travel. Chris claims he wasn't joking but I jokingly asked if we could go with them. They said yes and two months later, we were on a plane together headed to Iceland! Side note: We knew about the baby when planning but Chris and I weren't nervous about traveling while pregnant. I knew I wouldn't be very big at that point (important to think about when considering camping) and that if I was careful, we would be fine. The minor concerns that came up when thinking about different activities were discussed and cleared with our midwife, so we felt good about going.

Iceland was incredible. Some of the views were absolutely stunning, and so magnificent that words and pictures will never do them justice. We still took lots of pictures but just know that like most things, the real thing is so so so much better. It was my first time traveling with another couple and I would definitely recommend it. It was so nice to have more people to laugh with, extra drivers, and our own personal photographers ;) We also split the cost of some things which made our overall trip cheaper! Our trip was definitely more "adventure" than "relaxing vacation" haha with braving the daily rain and intense wind and camping in the car but it really was one of the funnest things I've ever done.

Thanks for a great trip Fifes! Already looking forward to our next trip together ;)

^^No idea what I'm doing with my hands... 

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