Our Thanksgiving

For the first time since going to college, I went home for Thanksgiving. I drove home with my little brother and his girlfriend and Chris met me there. We had the usual Thanksgiving spread, but it tasted extra special this year (plus the stuffing was bomb. I usually stay far away from it but this year it was everything I didn't know I wanted!). This was my first Thanksgiving being married to Chris and being apart the past couple months made it extra sweet. We have so much to be grateful for this year and Thanksgiving was a good reminder of what is most important: each other, our families, and our faith.

We  went to take pictures on Thanksgiving and these are a few that my little brother took. I was too busy eating to take pictures during the actual meal, but it was definitely delicious ;) Driving from Utah made for a long time in the car but it was a great weekend away and totally worth it.

Now, it's time for Christmas!

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  1. It was so so so fun to have you all home for Thanksgiving! I'm still smiling, just remembering. :-) -Mom