Halloween Scrooge

our halloween costume last year

Fall is my favorite season and October is my favorite month. Crunchy leaves, pumpkin everything, and crisp weather, I love it all! And I usually love Halloween, but this year it wasn't really my thing.
Most likely because my costume/party buddy was in California and things aren't as fun without him. So, I sat on my couch eating chocolate chips pretending I wasn't home, feeling daggers of guilt every time little hands pounded on my door saying "twick or tweat" since I didn't have time to go buy candy.

Not my best Halloween.

BUT. This year is going to be my best Christmas. It's all I've had on the brain lately, which is pretty unusual for me. I have Christmas pajamas ordered, gifts in mind, and airplane tickets bought. I've always liked Christmas, but I have never been so giddy about it. Getting my husband back could have something to do with it. Or everything.

Poor Thanksgiving usually gets all of my attention, but not this year! Bring on the red and the green, the hot chocolate, the wrapping paper, and all of the music! I'm ready for you this year :)

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