This one's for you, husband

Up until now, I've never really known what it felt like to be proud of someone. Of course there have been times when I was proud of my mom for doing something difficult, or proud of my dad when he got the job, or even proud of the students I help for doing well on a test. But being proud of my husband is completely different. Sometimes, I want to jump on the roof, shout at the top of my lungs and tell the entire world how awesome, loving, talented, and amazing he is. And it's not just the proud wife in me speaking, because he really is all of that and more. So consider this my roof and imagine me shouting ;)

Chris left for California yesterday because he landed an internship at his dream studio, Pixar! The one who made Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Brave. You know, THE Pixar. And I'm SO happy! When Pixar offered him the internship, part of me thought, "Well, of course they want him. He's good at what he does!" My sweet, humble husband was much more surprised and obviously, super happy.

Even before we started dating, Chris worked really hard for his future family by always pushing himself. Since being married, he works even harder but faithfully comes home to eat dinner with me instead of staying on campus until midnight ;) Everything he does and all that he creates is for our future family. And I'm fiercely proud of him for that. Even though he's going to be gone for a bit, I don't consider this opportunity bittersweet. Of course I would rather be with him, but Chris deserves this and I know he will excel during his time there.

Best of luck, love! You're going to be great :)

p.s. If I'm like this now, what is it going to be like as a parent!? Yikes!

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