Our mini labor day weekend

As a last summer hurrah, Chris spontaneously invited me to go camping with him on Friday night. Since we have no car, we had to get a little creative. We biked to the frontrunner station, headed north, and had his parents pick us up. We went out to dinner (Oh Mai is currently on my top three favorite restaurants in this area. So good, so much food, and such a great deal.) From there we borrowed camping supplies and headed out! But since our trip was spontaneous, all of the camp sites were full! We drove around for a while trying to figure out where we should camp...and ended up creating our own campsite in Chris' parents' basement haha. I was pretty bummed, but Chris was seriously so optimistic. He set everything up and pulled out his laptop and we watched part of The Incredibles before falling asleep.

The next morning we went on a little hike, took a bunch of pictures, and enjoyed Utah's beauty. We wrapped up the day by watching Finding Dory and then headed back to Provo. Our Monday will be spent working and doing homework, but bless you three day weekend. We love you.

Also, Chris took all of these pictures and asked to edit them, so these are his work!
He's a cute husband ;)


  1. Love this post! Love that we got to see you on your mini Labor Day weekend! Love that you are whom Chris married!

  2. Looks like a fun weekend! ~Mom