training for the circus

i organized a bachelorette party for two of my friends who are getting married in june. my co-organizer and i debated between going to a bar and ordering soda, going on a campout (didn't really consider this one), or some kind of exercise class. since our friends have classy standards, we went for something new, a little different, and fun. so, aerial yoga! in my head i was picturing a calming, soothing, feel-good workout. well, i was right about the workout part.

i signed all of us up for an aerial silks class at a place that had a class at a time we were all available. with two weddings coming up, babies, work, and school to consider, i was getting desperate! i didn't pay too much attention to the circus training part since it said it was for all levels. we walked into the class and i got this sinking feeling of "oh my gosh what did i get us into." girls were on the floor stretching and they did not look like beginners... but i told myself that we would make it fun and laughed to cover up how intimidated i felt haha.

our teacher, katie, was so patient with us amidst all of her "straighten your leg!" and "turn!" and "climb up higher!" comments. she definitely knew what she was doing. i was not surprised to find out that i have no upper body strength. but i was surprised to find out how years of dance don't go away even after five years of zero dancing. and that i kind of want to make this a hobby. being someone who doesn't like to try new things, i'm proud of myself.

we've come a long way since our freshmen year. these girls were my family away from home and i'm so grateful that after 6 years, we are still friends. having friends makes life so much richer. happy wedding to the brides to be! you are going to be beautiful brides and i'm excited for you to join the mrs club!

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