lifelong friendships

the other day i was going through my unpublished posts and found this one from last summer. since then, we've added two babies and a husband with two more weddings coming up. i'm sad that two will be moving away in the upcoming months but i'm happy we all stayed in provo for as long as we did. i was listening to this song and feeling all nostalgic so here you go.

Five years ago I moved into my freshmen dorm of six girls. Two of them I'd gone to high school with, three I'd never met before. 

the other night one of my friends planned a fun group date complete with a picnic and lawn games. There was bocce ball and ladder ball, pita sandwiches, lemonade, strawberry cake, and a lot of laughing. The evening was full of trash talk, manly talk, girl talk, and baby talk. The five of us girls lived together 5 years ago when we were all freshmen with no clue what we were doing and far from home. A lot has changed since then but even with people getting married, graduating, having babies, and going on missions, we're all still friends! This may seem silly but it makes me happy that we still make time for each other. And I know that even when life takes us somewhere else and we all move away, we'll still be friends. But for now, I'm happy we live close and get to enjoy being young together.

And enjoyed it we have :) 

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