celebrating the day of love

 ^^this wasn't the Japanese dinner I made but it was a great dinner Chris made over the holiday weekend! Sausage, kale, and tomato over spaghetti squash is soooo good.

Since Valentine’s Day was on a Sunday this year, we made the entire weekend a celebration! Well, sort of. Since we had plans to go to Colorado the following week, we had a lot of homework we had to do in advance so we celebrated a little each day :) On Saturday morning Chris went for a run and came back with a little something he held behind his back. I was so excited when it was a succulent! The succulent will last so much longer than flowers, plus it’s really cute. Last year at this time, I wasn’t in a very good place. I felt out of place after being away for a year and a half, lonely, and wasn’t very happy. My best friend Jess gave me a succulent for Valentine’s Day with a little card that said “Love doesn’t succ.” Getting another succulent this year but this time from my husband (!!) made me realize how much happier I am now. Not just because I’m married (although it is pretty great) but because I’ve grown and learned a lot this past year. I like where I’m at right now much more than last year and guess what? Love doesn’t succ ;)  

With the succulent came a cute card and tickets to the Norman Rockwell exhibit at the BYU Museum of Art!  Saturday was the last day of the exhibit and Chris knew that I had been wanting to go. Naturally since it was the last day, it was packed but it was worth it. As we walked along the exhibit, Chris would admire the technique of the art while I read every caption plaque explaining the historical context of when it was painted. We appreciated the exhibit in our own ways ;) 

On Sunday, I made a Japanese dinner. We had planned on taking some over to a friend since his wife just had hip surgery but we ended up eating dinner together! We had pictured a nice, romantic dinner just the two of us on our first Valentine’s Day together but it was so much fun sharing dinner. It made our day of love more meaningful and memorable than it would’ve been with just the two of us. 
Even though it was a three day weekend, our holiday Monday was spent doing homework with a short study break to go get ice cream. It was lame but we redeemed ourselves by watching Bridge of Spies that night. If you like history, Tom Hanks, and thought provoking movies, watch it. 

I don’t really feel the need to get all mushy but basically, I love Chris. He makes me laugh, loves me even when I’m grumpy, and eats as many fries as I do. The end.

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