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We left for Zions National Park early Friday morning to start off our holiday weekend. It was a bit of a drive but totally worth it!

When we got there, the place we had initially planned on going rappelling was too muddy so we had a quick change of plans. We decided to hike Angel's Landing instead, which is a hike I've been wanting do for a while now! We did it in the evening so luckily it was cooler but I still a sweaty mess by the time we got to the top. The final view was completely worth the narrow this-is-really-close-to-the-edge! parts of the hike.

^^with my hair growing out, this is the easiest way to keep hair out of my face. It makes me feel like a 5 year old but looking younger is all the rage, right?

It was probably 80 degrees (if not hotter) the whole night. Plus bugs. Plus rustling noises in the bushes. Needless to say, I didn't sleep all that well. But the next day we got up and did an easy hike in the park. Everyone was dressed up in red, white, and blue! There were a lot of people on the Emerald Pools hike and since we wanted to get away from the crowds, we decided to leave the park and go rappelling.

^^this tree was hit by lightning and split right down the middle. It was black and charred and I guess we thought it would be cool to take a picture...?haha.

The 180 feet rappel was beautiful and not nearly as scary as the first time I did it a month ago ;) But the slot canyon was a lot harder than Chris' dad remembered it. Our hour and a half hike turned into two and a half hours as we ran into unexpected pools of water. After rounding the third corner and hearing Chris say "Oh look! More water!" the whole thing got comical. Some of them were so deep, we couldn't touch the bottom, so we had to swim through them. By the end we were soaked and luckily still laughing about the entire thing. We smelled like old, dirty water and our clothes were streaked red from the rock. But we were happy we made it out safely! We changed our clothes, packed all of the gear up, stopped by Wendy's, and then headed home. We saw a few fireworks from the freeway and people were still going crazy when we rolled into Provo around midnight.

There was no classic BBQ and fireworks for us but for me, it was the perfect 4th of July. I spent it admiring the beauty of our country and God's creations. It was easier for me to appreciate our country and the blessings I have in the quiet peace found only in nature. So grateful for you America.

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