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How does one just "pick up" and start writing again after two years?

After thinking about it a lot recently, I still haven't figured it out yet.
So much has happened and a lot has changed, both inside and outside. 
During my 18 months every email written home was published on a blog. Pictures were posted. Feelings shared. So why do I feel so hesitant about it now?

It could be because coming home was hard and I didn't feel like myself anymore. It could be because suddenly everything felt too personal to share. It could be because the internet is already overflowing with bloggers with better pictures and prettier lives. It could be a whole lotta reasons. But I started this blog with the purpose of documenting fun moments and keeping my family (let's be honest, mostly my mother) informed of my life away from home. I realized that I enjoy writing and being able to look back at moments that have faded into memories. So here I go again, Mom. Thanks for always reading :)


  1. Yeah!! I love reading what you write. Not just what you are doing, but I love your writing style. I just love YOU. :-)