a little bit of my weekend

My weekend started out by skipping a party to go to Cubby's, aka the place with the best sweet potato fries you will ever eat your whole life. My best friend introduced me to Cubby's back in October and while I thought it was really good, it wasn't love at first taste. But since then, I've introduced five friends to that place, fallen in love with their fries and chipotle fry sauce, and made it a goal to try everything on the menu because let me tell you, so far everything is delicious. The gypsy burger and tri-tip steak sandwich I tried on Friday night did not disappoint. If you live near one, go right now.

I spent Saturday morning volunteering and then for work, I went to a CPR class in the early afternoon. When it comes to CPR, did you know that anyone over 8 years old is considered an adult? I had no idea. When passing it off, I forgot to plug the mannequin's nose. Oops! Good news is though I'm now certified ;) While I hope I never have to use my new knowledge, I'm thankful for it. I took the class because it's required by my new job (more on that later) but while I was sitting there, I felt like no matter what you do for work, everyone should know how to do CPR. It could save somebody's life. Seriously though, consider taking a class.

One thing on "What I Want To Do This Summer" list was to go on a picnic. Seems simple but as much as I like picnics, I hardly ever take the time to plan a good one and actually go so this was important to me. For my picnic date on Saturday, I didn't have to pack anything and do any of the work. It was a cute surprise to be told to just show up ;) We drove about an hour into the mountains and ate by a pretty lake. It was a little chillier than we thought (we went in shorts and t-shirts) but luckily there were sweatshirts in the back of the car we could put on. We had hummus and snap peas, watermelon, apples, peaches, chocolate, and turkey swiss avocado spinach sandwiches. We made it about halfway through the cooler ha. After we had eaten too much, it started to rain so we scratched exploring and decided to go on a beautiful drive. It was like we stepped out of summer and back into winter. There was snow on the ground and our gorgeous 90 degree day quickly changed to 50 degrees. But it was beautiful so we jumped out of the car, looked at the view, ran around like crazies, took pictures, and then jumped back into the car. We had plans to go get milkshakes but we chose to leave that for another day. The drive was beautiful and made me want a cabin in the mountains so I could escape any time. The Pacific Northwest has my heart but Utah, you...you fight good.

Sunday was full of church, spending time with friends and family, and good food. There was a birthday in the mix so of course there was singing and dessert involved. It's sunny spiritual days like those that remind me why I love Sundays; they give me a rest from my normal active week to remember what is most important. It was the perfect ending to a fun weekend :)

Also, this is Chris. He's fun. A lot of my adventures are with him lately so just a heads up, he'll most likely be in pictures.

Thanks mountains, we'll see you again sometime soon! (And thanks iPhone for staying alive long enough to take pictures!)

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  1. What a fun weekend! And I agree--Utah does put up a good fight. If it weren't for the terribly hot and dry summers, I would like Utah a lot more. Thanks for the update! :-)