turkey day with no pictures of turkey

 here's what a turkey hangover looks like.
the house we stayed at for thanksgiving had a limited amount of minutes for wifi (i didn't even know that was an option...?) so that's why this is 5 days late.

thanksgiving was a grand 3 days of eating, napping, and being with great people (sadly my camera is on the fritz so i didn't get very many pictures. and the ones that we did take were on a friend's camera, so there you go for a blog fail). the weekend started when we, ky, carly, jill, spencer, and i, left wednesday afternoon to head up to carly's grandparent's house in midway, utah. her entire family was there so sleeping situations got a little cozy but we made it work. one night carly just laid on the carpet and ended up sleeping there after we gave her a blanket and pillow haha.
thanksgiving morning shined bright and clear and we started off the day with a run and a giant breakfast. the day was spent cooking and having fun. and let me tell you, when all of the food was ready, there was so much. carly's sister made 10 lbs of mashed potatoes, we made 7 lbs of green bean casserole, our turkey was 23 lbs...you get the idea. to make us sound even more gluttonous, we'd been snacking all day on mixed nuts, chocolate covered acai berries, and baby oranges. needless to say, we ate quite a bit and all took some time to decompress afterwards ha. that night, we watched a random movie on tv about a goose and played board games.
over the few days i had some time in between eating to sit wrapped in a blanket, write in my journal, and reflect on how much i have. i'm so blessed to have my family, my friend, and my faith. the list is much longer but i'll spare you. but sometimes it makes me sad that we have a holiday for gratitude because really, we should be thankful and express our gratitude every day. but then i think about all that good food and then i'm fine again ;)
the rest of our weekend was spent doing homework, napping, eating leftovers, and pretending that finals aren't 2 weeks away. but with the end of break comes reality. cheers everyone.

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