its a funny life

--getting texts from my roommate that say when are you coming home to me?
--this hilarious video. {if you don't speak japanese, you won't get it. sorreh} but you don't need to know japanese to laugh at this one.
--making my roommate laugh so hard while she's brushing her teeth that she gets toothpaste all over her face and pees her pants.
--getting a text from my little brother asking if i am participating in no shave november. duhhh.
--trick or treaters coming to our door on saturday and my roommate thinking that they were handing out candy. and then getting free chocolate while they looked confused.
--someone describing their future husband as swagtastic
--getting asked out by a guy who just told me he kissed a girl the night before. hello complicated provo dating scene.
--sending a goofy face webcam photo to the wrong person on facebook. should've gone to my roommate but went to some random girl in another city instead.
--what my nightmares consist of. who knew chattanooga could be so scary.
--starting a movie with the intention of turning it off after i finish eating...and then watching the ending 2 hours later while my homework sits untouched...woopsie!

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  1. So refreshing to read this on election day--at least *someone* isn't ranting and raving about politics!!