thank you for being friday

today is one of those days. you know, the kind where work just draaags on and the late night roomie heart-to-hearts finally catch up with you and you get so tired that you resort to sleeping on a couch in the girls bathroom during your lunch break and all you want to do is curl up in your pajamas and watch a movie? no? well it is.

to avoid being a total cranky pants, I'm sharing some of the fun I had last week. while back home, I visited my older brother for a downtown seattle visit. the city lived up to its reputation and welcomed me with rain and grey skies. we went to pike place {if you've never been there before, it's a must if you're visiting seattle} and saw my uncle at his honey stand, visited a couple old shops, spent too much money, and ate fun food. we also took the bus to some of my brother's favorites shops. my brother's newfound expertise on cooking thanks to culinary school and love of buying kitchen gadgets made him a fun shopping buddy. a little different than my usual clothes/shoe-loving shopping girls ;)

we came back with honeysticks, 3 pieces of artwork apiece, a super fancy expensive hoity-toity bread knife, and lots of laughs.

let's just say I'm happy that it's friday. work will be over in 2 hours, my sweats are eagerly waiting to be cuddled with, and a batman double movie night with good friends awaits. cheers! happy friday everyone!  

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  1. Glad and o-niisan had a good time! And I'm glad you're feeling better. :-)