the beach: northwest style

I'm back in provo!
while I was home, the family took a little trip to the ocean where we rented a cabin on the beach and had a grand old time.

it was a northwest beauty. the overcast day and light rain just added to the whole scene. this was not a warm-sand-under-your-toes-play-in-the-water kind of beach, but a it's-too-cold-to-touch-the-water-let's-go-clamming kind of beach. so clamming we went! we gathered clams, mussells, oysters, geoducks, and crab. almost everything was eaten with a good amount of butter but we snuck in a couple oyster shots ;) when we weren't preoccupied with food {gathering, cleaning, cooking, eating, eating some more...}, we played games and had some good sibling time.

 it was a great weekend and a great reminder of how much I love my crazy, weird, silly family.

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