welcome spring

classy arm shadow? oh yeah.

today is the first official day of spring. and even though I wore a scarf and boots {it's still cold in the morning}, it definitely feels like spring. the birds chirp on my way to school, the sun is bright, and it's actually pleasant to be outside. although with the way our weather has been acting, it could snow next week. but as long as the sun is out to play, I'm going to enjoy it. so I skipped the library routine today and took my books outside. Carly and I studied on the grass and basked in the glorious sunlight. then Kylee and I took a little walk {two blocks...} to the 7/11 and got some goods. I fed my chocolate addiction and it was delicious.

ps. last night the endorphins from our run possessed Carly and I. our outdoor pool had just been filled and the little voices thought it would be a brilliant idea to jump in. in march. late at night.

they were pretty persuasive.

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