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If I was a dedicated blogger, I would write about...

how I shouldn't feel silly blogging at the library because that's what computers are for, right? 

the night I went to Fillmore with some friends. It was a camp out complete with hot dogs, hot springs, and peeing in the bushes.

the great dinner I had yesterday and that if you've never had Navajo tacos, you should try 'em. 

the history class field trip to southern Utah to visit Topaz, a Japanese internment camp during WWII and how it gave me a lot to think about.

the two nights in a row I went to The Chocolate. one for the blogger meet-up and the other just for my roommates birthday. the food was delicious both times :)

gyoza night with some guys from class. After spending far too much time in the library, we made gyoza (potstickers) from scratch, talked about WWII US/Japanese conflict, and watched Karate Kid. 

how I had a 3 hour car conversation with a boy from class and he renewed my hope in the male gender.

me becoming an absolute chocolate addict. quarter pound of chocolate in an hour? Check.

the constant battle of I love to learn versus do I really have to read all this and write a research paper?

how excited I am that my hair is long enough to put in a bun on the top of my head. Not doing my hair has suddenly become sociably acceptable. 

my love for Once Upon a Time. it grows stronger every week.

the exciting news that there are only 17* more days of school left this semester 
(*plus a few finals)

that I really don't like having a guy bail on a date. Twice. And then tell me the week after that it was to go on a date with a girl still in high school. 

that I prefer to study at the library because the 4th floor is a party usually complete with friends, food, and music.

how awesome my family is. And how excited I am to see them in a little over three months!

that I live vicariously through other peoples' dating lives because they are much more interesting and exciting. 

or how everyone is getting married and having babies. and how, at age 19, the idea becoming a crazy cat lady seems more and more possible.

 how bizarre our weather is. one week we're having a Sunday picnic complete with crepes and fruit and the next week we're pulling out the boots again due to snow. 

how grateful I am for what I have because there are so many others in this world wouldn't mind having an amazing family, being able to go to college, having a job, and an overall great life. 

since I'm not very consistent (especially since my laptop broke), this is what I write about. 
Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. FOR A GIRL IN HIGH SCHOOL!?!??! seriously. seriously??
    and homemade gyoza sounds delish.
    and boo for broken laptops

  2. I absolutely love this post!! Made me laugh a few times.....but you forgot one that seems to fall under every dedicated blogger....Taking pictures of yourself and not caring who's around! :) That one I just can't

    Fancy Napkin