Weird or not, we're family!

Most of my family doesn't like Christmas music...on Chrismas Eve, the sibs and I listened to techno.

We all showed off our impressive burping skills...at Christmas dinner.. {except Mom of course}

I hand feed our cats turkey for the holidays {which could contribute to them looking like this..}

My older brother showed up late to Christmas dinner because he was busy wrapping presents, cleaning, and baking dessert. {how domestic of him}

My parents have no idea who Josh Groban and Michael Buble are

My dad doesn't believe in Christmas lights because it's "A waste of energy. Too much money" {say that in a Japanese accent}

We get really really really into board games
We open all of our gifts on Christmas Eve. When we were little, we would "go to sleep," wait for the loud Ho ho ho! and then run downstairs

On Christmas Eve, rather than watching It's a Wonderful Life or Elf, we watched Cowboys & Aliens

My dad played Angry Birds the other day for the first time. He now calls it "Kill Pig"

Our family has baby-like tendencies sometimes. Whenever we drive somewhere, usually everyone but the driver falls asleep

It's been a great break and a great holiday! I love my family :)
{plus Alex. He's our exchange student this year}


  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed having you home for the holidays! Loved the game, loved the techno (thanks for listening to my Christmas music), and loved all the good food. What a great family we have. :-)

  2. Lookin for another post--how's school??