A Pretty Powerful Prophetic Poem of Love Loss and Lust

We're not all that great at this rhyming deal
 But we wanted to share a ditty we created
 In hopes that you will let out a squeal
 Despite the loss of our roommate belated

We've kicked a member of 129 out
 And hence, our crew has gotten smaller
 Beyonce knew what she was talking about
 Now 'all the single ladies' holla!

While they are now on their honeymoon (shabing!)
 We five will stay forever strong
 For the meantime our finger with stay free of bling
 Liz...  you might not have long

Just so you know, you're registered
 At Target, Macy's and REI
 Don't worry we've got it covered
 Colors and flowers and pictures OH MY!!

Ok, ok its not your turn yet
 The thought of the loss of you is quite eel-y
 Plus, its a toss-up between you and Nat on the bet
 And we were just kidding... but really.

You will never guess who we are heehehehehe

Love, Cill and Jarly